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Wednesday 13th of July 2016

   Here we go !!! 
   We have selected our 3 favourite photos, and it is now up to you lovely people to decide which one is the best and will win the competition we ran for the Laya City Spectacular week end (details in previous post) ... 




   So this is where it's going to be a bit technical, to be as fair as possible to the 3 finalists ...so pay attention! ;-) 

    We will share one post on Facebook with #armelleskitchen 

   For Instagram and Twitter, we will post the photos one by one with #armelleskitchen for each, and #akphoto1, #akphoto2, #akphoto3 so they can be found once they go down the timeline...

  All you have to do is like the photo you like the best. Of course retweets and shares are welcome, as long as the photos are liked directly (not the post or tweet) so we keep track!

Get voting to pick your favourite, 
thank you very very much for participating everyone!!!
You have until Sunday 17th midnight to vote, 
winner will be announced next week ;-)

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