Friday 1st of July 2016

     You know the way we update our "What's happening" page and start by what's actually been happening, and then we tell you what's going to happen ???
Well this time we're doing it the other way around .... because ...

We want to give one of those away .... !!!!

(Not that exact one, it's already been eaten ... )

       We are taking part in the Laya City Spectacular on Merrion Square in Dublin next week end, and we thought know what? 
Let's use that to make someone happy and have a bit of fun along the way ;-)

So here is how it will work*:

During the festival, take a photo with whatever you use to take pictures nowadays, of either: some of our pastries/cakes/macarons, one of us in action serving, our display, MrK bending down, the tartlet you just dropped on the ground by mistake, a random stranger eating one of our macarons.....
These are just examples , feel free to go mad ;-)))

Post that photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #armelleskitchen
Don't forget the #, this is how we will be able to gather all the entries !!!
If you are on neither of those 3 platforms, we will accept an email with the photo  attached of course.

The Laya City Spectacular is on Fri 8th, Sat 9th and Sun 10th, we will be there from 12pm till 8pm each day.

After Sunday evening, we will select the 3 photos we like the best. We will then give you lovely people the final vote, and you can decide which will be the winning photo.

The prize is a pyramid of 5 levels of macarons (That's 65 macarons), sitting on a 3 layers cake with proper French buttercream, 
flavours and colours to be chosen by the winner ;-) 

Because of logistics and where we are based obviously, we can only take entries where the delivery of the cake will be in Co.Dublin or Co.Kildare, or outside of those counties if the winner can pick it up (We can't post it like!!)
The prize will be valid for one year from Sunday 10th, and the winner will be able to chose when they would like to have it, as long we have a couple of weeks notice in advance, we will then make it to order of course ;-)

* Terms & Conditions & Common Sense apply

So that's for the "What's happening next week" bit  .... 

Dot ... Dot ... Dot ... 

Otherwise, here is what has been happening in photos:

The Wedding season is in full swing, and we love it!!!

Our newly opened shop in Dalkey is doing well 
and we are now serving ice cream too ;-)

And then with the nicer weather come the special events we like to do ... 
*spot the bakers*

See you at the 
Laya City Spectacular in Dublin!!!
Can't waaaiiiittttttt!!!!!


Here is the link for all the info about the festival: Laya City Spectacular 2016

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