Wednesday 8th of November 2023

Bonjour !!!

A lot has happened since our latest post! We're still doing savoury dishes and quiches every day, our selection of pastries, macarons and cakes...So here are a few pictures to summarise what's been happening:

Wedding cake

Crepes canapes

Rainbow cake slices

Wedding macarons pyramid

casually seating on a cake ...

fresh fruits tarte

fridge display

new display delivered outside!

sandwiches platter

macarons decorated cake

mini cheeseburgers

90 Birthday cake

2 tier music theme cake

shop front

2023 Lucinda O'Sullivan star

Filming with Dee for a "Home Rescue" episode

Our macaron tower in Disenchanted-Disney

Chocolate birthday cake

Rainbow theme cake

daisies and snails theme cake

Early start !!!

snowflake decorated tartlet

cake pops


Boxes of 12 macarons

strawberry macarons

lemon chicken dish

medium quiches

quiche lorraine

cake slices

To the many more cakes, pastries and savoury dishes to come!!!

Get in touch to order anything, thank you!

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