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Monday 30th of January 

#Sweettweet !!!!
Friday 3rd @11am 

          Explanation required ... 
(Tweeps, you can just move on to next paragraph ;-)) 

Twitter is not just a social media, it is also a fantastic toopl to connect people together. In that spirit, regular meet & great events happen (tweetup in twitter lingo .. ) around the country where people who have been following each other on twitter get to meet, network and see the faces behind the tweets! As a small business and on a personnal level, since August, I find twitter extremely (and still that's too small a word) helpful. I have met some great people, some of whom have become great friends in real life, made some great connections for the bakery, as well as being delighted to have new customers who love what I do! I couldn't advise more for small and medium businesses to join in the fun! 
I am always happy to help newcomers, just tweet me!!! (@armelleskitchen , also check out #SMEcommunity)

    So ... Next Friday 3rd of February at 11am, I am organising one in the shop! I am already so excited, I can't tell you ... I am just hoping for dry weather because we won't fit everybody in unfortunately ... But what was supposed to be a "mini tweet up" has turned into what I call a #sweettweet ... Just check out the list bellow!

   All tweeps are welcome, as well as local people and businesses who want to know what's all the twitter fuss about =^.^= 

   You don't have to pay anything for coming and you don't have to buy anything when you're here!!! Will have treats for everybody ;-)

   So, here are all the names of the people confirmed to come along:

@Phoenixdelite (bringing Belgian chocolates..)
@siobh77 (bringing crepes ... yum yum!!)

   If you're coming and not on the list, just tweet or email me so I can add you on  .... and because I don't want to make a #tweetcake too small!!! Same, if you're on the list and can't make it, I understand that plans can change, just let me know!  
  If I have misspelled your name, please forgive me and let me know too!!

Spread the word!!!
   Ta very much!!!

  If you want to follow me on Twitter, here is the link, just click: https://twitter.com/armelleskitchen

 And if you want to know more about Kenny's progress, there it is: http://atkennyskitchen.com/

Have a tweetting week!!!!

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