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Tuesday 24th of January 

First of all, grab your diary and go to Friday 3rd of February. 
Write "11am - tweetup in Armelle's Kitchen, Kilcullen" 
(Will explain and give details next week, 
one thing is for sure there's going to be cake! =^.^=)

   I think it is about time I share some pictures of my kitchen ;-)
 ...It's pink!

Home made sign too, painted by my little hands in our living room ... 

The shop that used to be there before I opened up was a gift shop, and blue outside ... You can imagine, it took a fair few coats of paint! At the moment I have the door frame to repaint since it has been changed before Christmas ...

And here is the kitchen itself ... 

Home made too, we fitted everything ourselves =^.^= 

As planned, the kitchen is completely open, no messing! 
And I'm never from the computer either ... ;-)

And here are Dave & Joyce, our very first customers 
on a sunny day of September 2010!

Have a warm week !!!

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