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Monday 22nd of November 2010

    Oh yes...dare I say it...Xmas is on the way..I'm going to do up a list of of treats, including the French "Buche de Noel" of course. It's a moist sponge rolled with buttercream filling and decorated like a log with little "christmassy" treats on top...yummy!

   Red and Green French Macarons will be a must of course...

   And I will probably do some decorated Christmas bicuits or cookies, they seem to be very popular in the food magazines this season.

Here are a few of last week's treats in the shop:

Welcome Baby Riadh!

Cone of 55 assorted macarons

Little Brioches....delicious and buttery!

Chocolate madness...

More chocolate...can't go wrong!

Pistachio & Chocolate special macaron...

Have a Warm week !!!

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