Thursday 11th of November 2010

     What a week last week!

     Nina Divito (very talentyed Irish Shoe Designer...for the handfull of you who don't know yet...=^.^=) organized an event last thursday in the Wesbury Hotel for the opening of her new Boutique at the Wesbury Mall the following day; and I provided her with some macarons for the event.

     As requested, I matched the colours of the macarons with the colours of her fantastic paintings and creations; and it turned out to be a great success! I wish Nina and her team the best of success with the new opening! She's a very talented young lady and it was an honour to contribute in my own way.

 As always, the pictures speak for themselves... Enormous Thank You to my Kenny for those...

Nina's Boutique at the Wesbury Mall

Loved the display the staff at the hotel came up with!

Gorgeous Nina Divito with a happy customer...and lots of very inspired shoes of course...

Matching shoes and macarons...who would have thought? ^^

They went down a treat...

Have a Purple Week !!!

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