What's happening this week

Monday 18th of October 2010

                      The shop is opened !!!

   We finally made it... We opened the doors on Friday 24th of September at noon and here are our very first customers, Lovely couple Dave & Joyce:

Finger licking aloud....=^.^=

Homemade Oatmeal Soda Breads, White Loaf Pans,
Sun dried Tomatoe Rolls, Double Onion & Cheese Rolls
And cute little French Brioches....Yummy!

     After an overwhelming 1st two weeks, I am starting to relax a bit and find my organisation around my new kitchen and the shop. So here are a few more pictures, and I'll see you soon in my kitchen!

Struggling to keep the fridge full on the 1st week...

Getting faster,,,=^.^=

Added an extra shelf in the fridge since that picture last week...

Have a Warm Week !!!

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