What's happening

Friday 10th of January 2014

The festive season is over ... 
No more Christmas logs for 11 months ...

No more mince pies ....

The Christmas tree is back in the attic, but not before we ate the macarons ... 

     The New Year started with a challenge though ... coming from twitter ...

Lovely Siobhan was being pushed for time, and answering her son's sense of humour, she went in search of a caterpillar cake for his 21st Birthday.Oh yes, he's decided to have a party only a few days before the date...So you know what's coming next: "Sure i'll do your caterpillar cake Siobhan!"
A few ideas were rambling in my head all right, but it only came together as i was doing it really. The result got twitter all excited, Siobhan over the moon and her son in shock ;-) Thanx for the challenge Siobhan, and trusting us with your special order ;-)

     Since we were in the creative mood, we thought it was about time to create our own signature cake. Something we've always wanted to do but had never got around to.
So let us introduce you to our ...

Macaron Cake!!!
 Layer of lemon buttercream, layer of apple confit, sandwiched between 2 layers of macaron sponge & deco on top with marzipan, caramel & macaron shell...

Completely homemade of course ;)

Individual cake or bigger version serving 8/10 slices available
Let us know what you think!

We wish you a very Happy New Year, 
Thank You 
for your continued support and feedback!!!

What's happening

Thursday 19th of September 2013

The shop is going to be 3 years next week ... 
We have cakes, pastries and macarons 
coming out of our ears 
and we're loving it =^.^=

   In the past few months, 
there's been lots of  unfolding tables, folding tables, opening canopy, fighting with it (or canopy surfing as some call it) windy days, rainy days, sunny ones (!!!), early mornings, sore backs ... all for the good of serving yummy treats at festivals and markets:

Zoop, on "macaron wall of fame"

   In the past few months,
there's been coloured ribbons, favours, cake stands, pyramids, cones, stressful deliveries (blame the speed bumps) , happy brides and grooms ... all for the good of helping make the big day very special:

   In the past few months,
 there's been orders and inquiries tweeted, DMed, messaged, facebooked, emailed, phoned in... and we've tried our very best to make them all special:

(That one is for the "macaron wall of fame" too!!!) ;-)) 

Website update: check!!! 
Time for a cuppa ;-)

Have a sparkly week !!!

What's happening

Tuesday 2nd of April 2013

     Well, January flew by, February too... 
March had us very busy with Mothers Day, St Patrick's Day and Easter ... 
Add a few weddings and just like that it's April :-o 

     Having started the business from the kitchen of our own house just over 3 years ago, the excitement is right up there when we see the sales doing well in the retail shops we supply, here is the display in Fresh Grand Canal Square in Dublin:

     We are now also supplying A.Caviston in Greystones and Hollands of Bray, the updated list of cafes/restaurants and shops we supply is on the "find us!" page. 
     A big Thank You to the shops, cafes and restaurants we are working with for their support, and of course to their customers who have discovered some of our products! 
     After many ups and downs, we have finally launched our new packaging for bundles of 2 macarons for retail, here they are: 

     We have started taking a stall at the Stillorgan market every Wednesday, say Hi to Kenny if you're around ;-)

     More wedding inquiries are coming in, so it's probably good timing to share the lovely pyramid we did 2 weeks ago. The colours were matched with the flowers chosen by the Bride and Groom, I must say I was well happy with the result if I may say so myself ;-))

     Just had to do Irish flag Macarons for St Patrick's Day ... clearly!!! They'll be back for the Eurovision song contest =^.^=

And finally I'll leave you with this .... *cough* Kenny's new phone cover..... 

     If you have any enquiries, just email us, 
we're always happy to help ;-))

What's happening

Thursday 10th of January 2013

     It's nice to be back to our routine after the Christmas madness! 
We can also report our first macaron injury... Kenny damaged some muscle on top of his hand before Christmas, by folding the mixture. :-o His hand is healed now, but guess what.... he's twisted his back last Sunday, yep! Who knew making macarons could be so dangerous ?!?? Anyhow, the show must go on ;-)

   The frangipane galettes have been popular again this year, and it's always fun to tell people the French tradition about them for the Epiphany. If you would like one, it's not too late, just let us know!


    We also had a nice surprise last week to see that we were included in an article written by Suzanne Campbell in The Gloss Magazine that is distributed with The Irish Times! Here is the link to Suzanne's blog where she posted the article too: 

    This January we are concentrating on supplying our treats and macarons to more cafes, restaurants and shops. The new kid on the block being "Wilde and Green" in Dublin 6 :) If you're in the food business and might be interested in taking on some of our treats, just drop us an email or phone Kenny on 087.994.4714 and we'll be delighted to help!

    We have also added a "Press & testimonial" page to the website so we can share some of the lovely feedback we get.

We wish you all a Prosperous and Happy New Year!!!

What's happening

Friday 16th of November 2012

    Oh shock horror when I realised I hadn't updated the website since the 12th of September ...Ooops! A massive update is well over due ;-)

In the past couple of months there's been (in no particular order^^)....

Lots of French Macarons piped...

Deliveries to "Get Fresh" in Rathfarnham...  

Birthdays ....

Tastings in Arkeen Quality Food Store in Waterford ...

Sleepless nights of packaging and label nightmares ... (still on going^^)

Recipe published in the Goodalls Ireland cookbook *blush* ...

Markets and Crêpes ...

The biggest news of all being that Kenny's Kitchen is no more, transforming itself in what is starting to look a lot like a macaron nursery ... 

I'll leave the pen (/mouse) to Kenny who'll explain the how and why of the move =^.^=

So as you can see there has been lots going on and I'm wondering how we are going to fit in time for our Honeymoon next year! (Kenny here)

One of the biggest changes for us is on the catering side.  We have decided to pause it for now based on the continued success of the cakes.   It makes the most sense to us at this time as there is a saturated market out there of established caterers and putting the time and effort into launching it would detract from the cakes.   I am now looking after the retail side of the business, speaking to the shop managers, doing the deliveries and handling the paperwork etc.   You can find where I deliver to from the 'find us' link on the homepage.  I have a list of potential other shops across the country that I intend to speak to with a view to delivering cakes to them-watch this space!

Recently I started to make the macarons in my kitchen to support the demand and I have to say some of my first attempts were not up to scratch-as I'm using Armelle's recipe the taste and texture was fine but my piping skills were not.  Some of the first ones I piped were as small as a 20 cent, others were as big as half an Iphone (only roundish).  I am now more consistent (phew!)-what do you think?

I can't believe it's been over three months since we got married!  Doesn't time fly?  We haven't even had the chance to sit down and look at the videos or pictures from the day (except for the ones Dave, our photographer showed us when he brought us the CD).   I think we need a PA to help us get through some of the stuff that has been gathering up (have tried to plant the seed in my Sisters ear but to no avail (he)).

I have done a few tastings in Arkeen Quality Food Store in Waterford which have gone down very well with people.  I'm doing my next tasting this Friday 23rd from 11-3 pm so pop by if your in the area to say hi, and taste a macaron or rocher (or two).  Also, I will be doing 3 tastings as part of the Winterval festival in Waterford which runs from 30 November to 23 December-the dates are as follows:

30 November 12-7pm, 7 December 12-7pm and 16 December 12-6pm

The link to the Winterval site is http://www.winterval.ie

What's happening

Wednesday 19th of September 2012

      It's been non stop since reopening !!!

   First news first though ... We have been approached by a distributor who has put some almond rochers and macarons for sale in some shops ;-) Full list coming soon... It's only the 2nd week, but the feedback is good so far *fingers crossed* with "Fresh - The Good Food Market" in Grand Canal Square in Dublin even doing a special display for us! 

   They are also organising a Food Fair tomorrow Thursday from 4pm till 8pm in which we are delighted to be taking part. Lots of tasting, wine tasting and cookery demo happening... pop along and say Hi if you're nearby ;-) 

   Here are more details about the event: 

   A big thank you to @FrenchfoodieinD for her blog post after picking up some macarons in Mace in the IFSC, have a read there: 

   I'll leave you with this picture after receiving a lovely thank you email from Christine  & Eddie. They got married at the end of August and had asked me for 300 macarons of 10 different colours and flavour. The build up pyramid looks fantastic! 

Have a Sweet Week !!!

What's happening

Thursday 23rd of August 2012

The shop is reopened as normal from today ;)

     Busy straight away with an order for a macaron pyramid for a lovely couple's wedding, then Kenny and I are taking a stall at the Kilcullen River Festival this Sunday from 12pm till 6pm. It is the 3rd year running of our local festival, and if it's as good as the past couple of years, it's going to be a fantastic day! Make sure to say Hi if you're around.... just follow the smell of crepes to find us ;)

     As many of you may know by now, Kenny and I got married on the 11th of August. we would like to say a big THANK YOU to friends, family, local people and businesses for their good wishes and many cards we recieved, we are really touched by the support and kindness of everyone!!! 

I'll leave you with a few pictures of our big day, more to come soon! 

Thanx to David McAuley Photography ;) 

Eiffel Tower under construction

and destruction ... 

Pistachio & Strawberry Cake
Massive thank you to my Dad who spent 3 days with me 
baking and decorating macarons and cake =^.^=

The groom caught twitting ... :-o 

"Pretend to cut the cake" says he ... as if ... 
Photographer extraordinaire David McAuley at work ;)

Have a Festive Week !!!