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Monday 23rd of March 2020

   It's fair to say that we are all entering unknown territories ... and like everybody else, we are having to adapt to keep everybody safe. 

   The markets we usually do in Dublin every Saturday and Sunday have been cancelled for the time being. So with the extra time, since last week we have started a daily menu of savoury dishes to offer a wider range of options.

   Here are all the details of the precautions we are taking, and how to order etc .. :

In addition to the Health & Safety system we already have in place in the shop, we are adding extra measures to comply with the WHO and HSE recommandations from now on.

1. We are offering our service in three different ways:

• Delivery to you locally free of charge

Place you order over the phone or by email, and we will deliver your order on you doorstep

• Delivery to your car in town

Place your order over the phone or by email, once you’re parked in town (i.e. at the Church car park or on the main street) give us a call. We will put your order in your car and sanitise the handles afterwards.

• In the shop

We will only allow one person at a time into the shop. We would ask that if you see a customer inside when you arrive, to please wait that that person has left, before you enter, to respect the 2 meter social distancing.

2. In addition to our regular sweet treats and macarons, we will be doing a few savoury items (quiches, stews, savoury crepes, other meat and vegetarian dishes...). We are going to publish the menu of what will be available on the day, in the morning, on our Facebook page and Twitter page. We will also advise of shelf life, what can be frozen, reheating process, ingredients, allergies etc … .

3. Payments-We encourage the use of contactless/tap payments. We can take the card payments in the shop over the phone. We also have portable card acceptance machines so you can choose to pay at the doorstep, or car window! We are still accepting cash payments in the shop.

In these unprecedented times we continue to use our long-standing Irish suppliers and will be supporting our local business friends.

Our phone number: 045.480.697
Our email address: armelleskitchen@live.ie

Our Facebook page: 


Our Twitter page: 


As always, 
we are very grateful for your continued support. 
People of Ireland are resilient 
and we will get through this together !!!

Massive virtual (((hugs))) to everyone xxx

Kenny & Armelle

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