Each wedding being unique, we would always advise that you get in touch with us by email, 
phone or come in the shop. 
But here are a few things that we can do for you, 
get inspired ;-)

French Macarons:

     They are the new trendy thing for weddings nowadays. They can be lots of different flavours and colours, which is why they are becoming so popular! 

On a pyramid:

Or as wedding favours:

Macaron favours start from €2.10 each

Wedding Cakes:

     Layered sponge with buttercream makes a light and moist cake. We design the cake following your specifications and requests.

Mini Cakes:

     Just like the French Macarons, Mini Cakes can be of lots of different flavors, and decorated in many different ways to suit your day.

Hire our stall for your wedding:

   Another option for weddings is to hire our stall/gazebo.  We can design with you the menu for the buffet and will take care of the serving of your guests.

Prices start from €5 per person and delivery can be arranged too ;)
Phone: 045.480.697

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  1. I love looking at your macarons - bright and colourful, and usually remind me that I have to remember to eat!x from @sarasmith_jones