French Macarons

Tender, Meringue-like Cookies with Almonds,
Filled with Buttercream...Delicious!

Classic French Macarons:

Chocolate, Caramel, Salted butter caramel, Green Tea, Lemon, Coffee, Orange, Raspberry, Vanilla, Honey, Passion fruit, Apple, 
Strawberry, Pistachio, Blueberry, Blackberry, Mixed berry-other flavours available, just ask!
€1,60 each, 8 for €12 12 for €16

Macarons Gourmands:
Tiramisu, Pistachio&Strawberry,Banana&Chocolate,
Violet, Vanilla&Lemon, Lemon&Pistachio, Chocolate&Strawberry, Chocolate&Coconut,
Raspberry&Chocolate, Champagne, Bailey's-other flavours available, just ask!
€2.50 each

Giant Macaron:
20 cm / 8.5" of diameter (6/8 slices)
with the colour, writing and filling of your choice!

Giant Macaron Number for Birthdays:
About 20 cm tall, with the colours, flavours and writing of your choice!
€50 per number
We present our macarons in lots of different ways, here are a few examples (there's more cones and pyramids on the wedding page of the website)

Presentation & Serving Suggestions:

French Macarons are fun and come in many different flavours and colours, so use it to your advantage!
You can mix and match and serve them at any time of the day. They make very nice presentation plates! 
They're also a tasty nibble you can offer to friends and family for any occasion.

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