Birthday Cakes and Special Occasions

We can do any of the cakes on this page using gluten free flour instead of regular plain flour. 

Please allow one weeks notice for orders.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have added smaller cakes, so you can still celebrate with your loved ones:

We do a naked style 3 layered genoises sponges with buttercream, writing and decorations:

4 slices - €18

6 slices - €25

We also do an 8 inch or 10 inch round pound cake, 
sliced in half with buttercream in the middle, 
semi naked style, writing and decorations:

Choice of vanilla or Chocolate cake, and choose the flavour of buttercream you would like 
8 Inch €35
10 Inch €45

For all other cakes, please keep on reading ;)

* * * * *

Our 3 layer cake with buttercream filling & decoration is light and moist,and is an elegant and original Occasion Cake.

Each Birthday Cake is unique and designed following your specifications and requests. More combinations
of flavours are available, so please if you had something
in mind that is not on the list 
don't hesitate to ask ;)

Please allow one weeks notice for orders.

Click on price list to enlarge

We can also ice your cake with rolling fondant if you would like, 
for €15, to cover the extra ingredients and time spent.
Additional decorations may cost more to cover additional time.

Biscuit cake


Covered in fondant, writing and simple decorations



12” by 5” high €110

8” by 4” high €65

6” by 3” high €40



12” x 12” by 3” high €110

8” x 8” by 3” high €65

6” x 6” by 3” high €40

Presentation & Serving Suggestions:

Birthday cakes don't really need anything else (...maybe a glass of champagne....hehe)

Make sure to store your cake either in the fridge or in a cool dry place, and take it at room temperature about 30mins before serving.   


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