Kenny and Armelle

Thank you Conor for the lovely photo!
(Conor Williams Photography:

   We are a husband and wife team living in Kilcullen, County Kildare. We met in 2004 in Dublin when Armelle was a Restaurant Manager and I was a Maintenance Engineer.   Armelle is from Harnes in the North of France and I am from Livingston in Scotland. In 2006 we moved from Donabate to Kilcullen after buying a house.  

     In 2010 when I was still working as an Engineer Armelle came up with the idea of opening her own kitchen offering proper homemade food. It all started with selling cakes from the house and from there the business grew. We took the plunge to open the bakery in September 2010. We began work in converting a gift shop to an open working bakery doing all the construction ourselves, from electrics, plastering, plumbing and everything in between. After a few delays we opened on the 24th September and our first customers Dave and Joyce bought the first cake at 5 to midday (5 minutes before offical opening!). 
     The business has gone from strength to strength and as a result I left my career of 20 years in May 2011 to join Armelle in the food business. Our initial plan was to open a second shop selling savoury foods but due to the economical situation this did not happen. 

     In August of 2012 we got married-take a look at our wedding cakes (all hand made, even the Eiffel Tower structure constructed by her Dad, Armelle did 308 macarons to fill it up!!!)

Our Wedding day cutting the cake with the macaron tower!
    Update from 22 Sep 2020-


Before the pandemic, we used to also do weekly food markets and seasonal festivals.  With the lockdown over the country it all stopped, including Weddings and family events, which were all postponed.    


In the light of this we decided to keep the business going, straight away we started making quiches, savoury crêpes & croque monsieurs, and that’s how the Traiteur side, to compliment our Pâtisserie side, was born, back in March. 


Since then we have added more dishes on our savoury menu which we’ll keep adapting to the seasons, and are excited about what we will be offering next! 


Stay safe and look after each other! 


Kenny & Armelle