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Thursday 23rd of August 2012

The shop is reopened as normal from today ;)

     Busy straight away with an order for a macaron pyramid for a lovely couple's wedding, then Kenny and I are taking a stall at the Kilcullen River Festival this Sunday from 12pm till 6pm. It is the 3rd year running of our local festival, and if it's as good as the past couple of years, it's going to be a fantastic day! Make sure to say Hi if you're around.... just follow the smell of crepes to find us ;)

     As many of you may know by now, Kenny and I got married on the 11th of August. we would like to say a big THANK YOU to friends, family, local people and businesses for their good wishes and many cards we recieved, we are really touched by the support and kindness of everyone!!! 

I'll leave you with a few pictures of our big day, more to come soon! 

Thanx to David McAuley Photography ;) 

Eiffel Tower under construction

and destruction ... 

Pistachio & Strawberry Cake
Massive thank you to my Dad who spent 3 days with me 
baking and decorating macarons and cake =^.^=

The groom caught twitting ... :-o 

"Pretend to cut the cake" says he ... as if ... 
Photographer extraordinaire David McAuley at work ;)

Have a Festive Week !!!  

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