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 Wednesday 30th of May 2012

    May is a very busy month when it comes to cakes and pastries ... 
Communions, Confirmations and Weddings add up to an already busy schedule! 
Nevertheless, here are the news: 

- We have taken a weekly stall at the "Honest 2 Goodness" food market on Wednesdays. It is an indoor food market in Glasnevin/Dublin that runs from 12pm till 7pm. Here is the link to the location map if you want to pop by and say hi: 


   You can also get in touch in advance, preorder and we'll have your treats ready for pick up ;-)

- We are now supplying "Cafe BonBon" in Maynooth (Main Street) with some French Macarons (yes... 1 o only ... *cough*). Last week we brought some Pistachio, Raspberry and Lemon ones, so hopefully they'll go down a treat with their customers, to many macarons to come !!

- A couple of months back, I had written a piece about macarons and weddings for Rosie, well known Wedding Planner. Rosie is now starting a free online magazine and she has the article featured in her first edition ;-) So if you've missed it there it is:

"The New Wedding Craze: Macarons - Tasty, Fun and Colourful" 

- Something that is getting more and more popular is the macaron cone, here is one i did last week:

  I will be adding some details and prices on the macaron page of the website very soon ;-) *to do list*

- On the Kenny's Kitchen's side ( http://www.kennyskitchen.ie/ ), Kenny has done a couple of dinners for communions and he is getting more used to his new kitchen. We are now starting to master the oven over there to produce more macarons... yepeeee!!!
  The website is not up to scratch just yet, we need to add more photos and make it compatible to i-phones among other things, but do have a look, let us know what you think and get in touch if you have any queries =^.^=

- Last bit of info: 

We will be closed for the summer holiday 
From Sunday 22nd of July 
To reopen on Thursday 23rd of August 

   The Kilcullen River Festival being on Sunday 26th of August, we'll be there!... 

  If you haven't heard yet, Kenny and I are getting married in August ...So from the end of July, Kilcullen might see a "slight" increase in Scottish and French people wondering around the town ;-)) *exciting times* 
  In the meanwhile, here is a clue on what can be expected at the wedding: 

Have a Warm Week !!!

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