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 Tuesday 3rd of January 2012

    Things are back to normality this week !

     It was a very busy month of December and we really appreciated the few days of rest, recharging the batteries and getting ready for 2012! 

     Very good friends of ours got married last Friday, and the bride had asked me if I could do their wedding cake... The only instructions were "Do what you like, we know it's going to be a gorgeous cake!" 
     I actually witnessed Michael and Marta setting eyes on each other for the very first time, it was just before Christmas 5 years ago. So of course it was a privilege to do the cake for them and it was our present to them on their wedding day. 

Congratulations Michael & Marta!

     So I spent Wednesday last week baking the 10 sponges and preparing the buttercreams. Those of you who follow me on Twitter have followed the process ... On the Thursday I did the cutting, the layering of the tiers, the decorations and Kenny helped me by doing the profiteroles (We knew the groom particularly likes profiteroles =^.^=) 
     The 1st tier was layered with lemon buttercream, the 2nd and 4th ones were layered with mixed berries and vanilla buttercream; and the 3rd tier was a chocolate one. I covered each tier with pistachio buttercream, knowing it is one of the couple's favourite flavour. Lucky me picking at the out cuts while decorating!!!

     Marta' Wedding dress being green, I reproduced the same colour (she had given a piece of the fabric) with some macarons to go around the bottom tier. The last touch was to add the profiteroles filled with vanilla pastry cream, some silver & gold sparkles and 2 love hearts on top ;-)

     Marta & Michael had a fantastic day, so did their families and friends.... and here is the proof the cake went down a treat ^^

Have a lovely week !!! 

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