We're back !!!

Tuesday 9th August 2011

The shop is reopened, sorry for any inconvenience !

      I'm back in one piece but Kenny came back with a fractured hand...it's a stress fracture apparently; had never heard of it! Patience and bandage will fix it!!!

      Here are a few pictures of baking in 4 different kitchens, with 4 different ovens, with different plugs, and 3 Birthdays! And yes....it was a holiday!

Macarons in Livingston/Scotland

Fishy cake for Kenny's Dad in Kirkwall/Orkney...
kept secret untill the last minute!

Praline Macarons at my parent's house
They loved them...fiou!

Camille helping...top concentration!
She's a future pastry chef!

Writing in french for my brother's 40th and his godfather's 60th =^.^=

Please note my brother's bicycle after meeting up with a tree...
Real life experience !!!

Back in the shop, Happy Birthday Senan!!!

Have a Fresh Week !!!

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