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Monday 16th of August 2010

So this it...the shell of the bakery...!!!

There's been more progress since this picture though. I had never used an electric drill before last week...and am getting addicted to it...The plasterboards are up and the walls are ready for plastering (excuse my french...=^.^=) 

It should start to look like a bakery by this week end...! I can't wait to use the new kitchen for the 1st time and get planning and testing (as well as tasting ...) for the new list of treats for the shop!

The opening is planned for the 1st September, but am hoping to start baking a few days before that...yeeehhaaaa! There will be macarons ( of course!), tartlets, cakes, chou pastries, breads and lots of surprises!

Have a constructive week!

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