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Monday 5th July 2010

I've busy all week last week...so apologies for not posting anything...I promise it won't happen again =^.^= On the good side, I've lots of nice pictures to share with you! I baked at least 600 macarons in the last 2 weeks...So if you still haven't got the chance to try them just get in touch!

Kenny is going macarons crazy too... he wants to take pictures of them in different shapes...("2010 would be great...the year seems to be a popular download..." says he..)...hahaha thanx Kenny! because as much as a "0" or a "1" is easy to pipe backwards....the "2" was much more tricky (thanx again Kenny...^^) So 2010 is in the fridge ready to get pictured later on, that'd better be good!

I'm going to work on my business plan this week...am starting to dream of a shop big time so let's make it happen =^.^=

Oh, and in addition of the macarons, Annia Apples juice & sandwich bar in Naas will be selling strawberry tartlets from this thursday! Yummy!

  Only €1.50 in Annie Apples Juice bar in Naas


Pistachio...my favourite!

And again...

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Orange Macarons


Mixed ...

Don't normally need a fork...

Special order of yellow&blue and strawberry ones

Circle of looove...haha

Have a Sunny week!

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