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Monday 17th May 2010

The new treats have arrived!

We're starting to see the new strawberries on the side of the roads, and they are simply gorgeous in pastries and cakes...

I've played the fashion designer last week end, and created some novelty cakes. Perfect for any occasion or celebration! The tests I did on some sponges and creams are to die for ... I'll say no more or I won't stop^^ Best to try!

There are also some Tartlets now available and some macaron treats for your guests to take home!

Here are a few of last week's treats:

Can't remember what inspired us for this one....

300g of pure delight

Red Fruit, Vanilla and Orange

Orange Macarons !

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Thanx a lot to everyone who browsed by here! 

Have a Strawberrilicious week!

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