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Thursday 10th of November 2016

     Well the past couple of months have been full of events, as always ...

   September started with the (then) temporary closure of the Tramyard restaurant in Dalkey while they were carrying some work to comply with their latest court battle. While we stayed open in waiting of the next developments, the footfall dropped as expected, and we ended up serving coffee to try to attract more people down the alley.  Then the hammer came down before Halloween week end when the court ordered the Tramyard site to be closed from the following Friday... So we were left with no choice but to pack our cake stands and close the door sadly... There has been a lot of rumours going around since the start of September, adding to what was already a complicated and long going situation. 
     We can only thank Dave and Evelyn to have welcomed us within their Tramyard family for the short few months we were with them in Dalkey, and cannot speak highly enough of their dedication and hard work. A page is turned however, and even though it is not our wrong doing, we had to shut a shop that we thought was going to do very well in the future. We also wish Dave & co the very best in the months to come.
     But we are strong cookies!!! While it is a set back it's not the end of our baking world!!! It's business, and if it was easy everybody would do it .... We will start to look for possible premises for a 2nd shop in the new year.
     We have started to look at joining a second market on Sundays and maybe another lunch time one during the week, so we are concentrating on that for the time being. 

So we are hiring!!! 
Please spread the word and get in touch if you or someone you know might be interested:

click to enlarge

     We haven't had much time to breathe with all that *as always anyway*, and were grateful to have some fantastic orders to fulfill,here are some of our favourites:


Giant purple macaron ...

Black Forest "a la Armelle's Kitchen"

layered genoises with raspberry & vanilla buttercreams ...

Cake pop fun ;-)

These were a lot of fun to make :-))

And I'll leave you with these since you know ...
The big "C" is already next month and I've updated the page ... 
(PS: we made those a couple of weeks ago for a corporate event, 
it's starting early this year!!!)

Be happy and keep baking =^.^=


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