Tartlets and Tartes

All the Tartlets are baked in a "sable pastry" base and are  8cm of diameter (Individual portions).

Banana, Vanilla and Caramel

Chocolate and Vanilla

Fruit Tartlets
Vanilla Creme patissiere covered with local seasonal fruits 
And a thin layer of nappage.
Plum and Vanilla
Apple, Kiwi fruit and Vanilla

Irish Strawberries Tartlet
Vanilla Creme patissiere covered with Irish fresh strawberries
And a thin layer of sweet nappage.

Irish Strawberry Tartlet

Lemon Tartlet
Our classic lemon tartlet has a balance of lemons and a crispy base. Tart enough to tingle your tongue and delight your senses!

All the Tartes are baked in a home made sweet pastry base and are  25cm/10" of diameter (8/10 slices).

Amandine Tarte
Fresh Fruits of your choice baked in a rhum frangipane (Almond Paste)
Some of the most popular fruits for this tarte are Apple, Pear, Apricot, Cherry, Raspberry...

Apple and Raspberry

Pear and Raspberry
Tarte Royale
Creme Patissiere, Flavoured agar agar jelly, buttercream

Fresh Fruit Tarte
Vanilla Creme Patissiere covered with a layer of fresh seasonal fruits and a thin layer of nappage.

Mixed Fruit Tarte
Presentation & Serving Suggestions:
The shortcrust pastry is a fragile and delicate pastry, so make sure to handle your tarte carefully and don't rush through the slicing!
Served warm or cold, a tarte is the perfect dessert if you have guests coming over for lunch or dinner, and is still as nice the next day.
 Here are a couple of suggestions for serving:
- Slice the tarte in the kitchen and served it plated with a dollop of whipped cream and a strawberry cut in half on each plate.
- Serve the tarte in front of your guests in the middle of the table on a nice dessert tray. You can always add a selection of whipped cream, chocolate sauce or fruits for people to help themselves.
Take the tarte or tartlets out of the fridge at room temperature about 15mns before serving.

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